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Name of the Project



1. Simple Indicator Paper A Simple to make a blue litmus paper used to test whether a solution is acid/base 2.00 80.00
2. Invisible Writing It is a method of secret  writing which is not visible but can be made visible on heating. 2.00 80.00
3. Fire Writing A writing which can be traced out with a red glow of fire 2.00 90.00

Splitting of Water

By the process of electrolysis water is split up into hydrogen and oxygen.

6.00 290.00
5. Weather Indicator Paper It forecasts the weather based on colour change produce on paper by the moisture of air. 2.00 90.00
6. Patriotic Liquids A tube to be filled with three different colour liquids which doesnt get mixed up. 3.00 150.00

Diving Moth Balls

A naphthalene  ball in a solution moves up and down continuously 4.00 190.00
8. Vegetable Battery A simple model to demonstrate how energy can be produced from vegetable. 3.00 150.00
9. Fire Extinguisher An Chemical model which produces carbon dioxide to extinguish fire 3.00 150.00
10. Electro Chemical Cell Kit A model of a dry cell which can produce a potential difference of 1.5 Volts 6.00 300.00
11. Electro Plating Kit Protect your material from rusting by electro plating it. 3.00 140.00
12. PCB Etching Kit. Make your own printed circuit boards by simple laboratory techniques 6.00 300.00
13. Screen Printing Kit Make your own printing at home on shirts, carts and most useful for crafts. 22.00 1100.00
14. Liquid Hand Wash Prepared your own hand wash soap at home with common chemicals 4.50 220.00
15. Perfumed Washing Power Preparation of washing powder along with perfume. 5.00 250.00
16 Volcano A model along with chemicals/ flowing / fire type 10.00 500.00
For more projects please sent email to sales@splaboratory.org
Note :- All the above Projects are working model and their price is subject to change





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