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Name of the Project


1 Basic Electrical Kit It consists of few LED's, motors, switch and demonstrates its function and application. 8.00 350.00
2 Simple Electroscope An simple model to detect any charge in a body 3.75 175.00
3 Simple Electrical Bulb An model of bulb which converts electrical energy to light energy 3.00 145.00

Simple Resistor

An model of resistor which is used to oppose the flow of current

2.75 125.00
5 Simple Electric Bell A ringing bell which uses a motor, spinning disc and bell 2.50 125.00
6 Simple Water Heater It can heat water by simple process of electrolysis 4.00 200.00

Conductivity Tester

It is used to test the conductivity of any solid or liquid. 2.50 110.00
8 Simple Galvanoscope A simple device which is used to detect small electric currents. 2.50 110.00
9 Simple Microphone A device which uses sound energy and converts into electrical energy. 3.75 175.00
10 Powerless Telephone A device used to communicate with out any power but can function well upto 5km 2.50 125.00
11 Jumping Ring A ring which jumps when electricity is supplied to it( based on Lenz law) 20.00 900.00
12 Simple Electric Motor A device which rotates when electric power is applied to it. 4.25 210.00
13 Wireless Power It can produce current (Induction) with any contact with the power supply. 5.00 250.00
14 DC Generator A device which converts mechanical energy to electrical energy (DC) 5.00 250.00
15 AC Generator A device which converts mechanical energy to electrical energy (AC) 11.00 550.00
16 Fire Alarm A simple bimetallic strip which completes the circuit when it is heated, and produce and alarm 2.50 125.00
17 Electrical A device which makes buzzing noise as long as electricity is connected to it. 2.50 125.00
18 Simple Traffic Light A manual model of traffic light 2.50 210.00

For more projects please sent email to sales@splaboratory.org
Note :- All the above Projects are working model and their price is subject to change





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