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Name of the Project



1 Simple Generator (Bare Model) A bare model to produce electrical energy by mechanical motion. 4.50 210.00
2 DC Generator A simple type of generator which produced electrical energy when you rotate a wheel. 6.00 300.00
3 AC Generator A device which converts mechanical energy to alternation electric power. 7.00 325.00

Pico Generator

A small model of electric generator which can generate electric circuit.

8.75 400.00
5 Swinging Candle A normal glowing candle which moves up and down like a see saw. 2.00 90.00
6 See Saw Water Pump A model to lift water from underground by means of see saw. 6.00 400.00

See Saw Water Pump with Energy Generator

A model to lift water with one product by means of see saw. 26.00 1200.00
8 Electric energy from Swing To produce electrical energy by oscillation a swing. 34.00 1600.00
9 Energy from Merry -go- round A kit which produce energy while rotating the merry to round. 19..56 900.00
10 Sound Energy Demo Kit A kit which produce electrical energy by means of sound. 2.00 90.00
11 Powerless Telephone A device to communicate without any power but can function  up 5 Km 0.90 30.00
12 Energy from Ticket Counter Queue. To produce energy while walking in queue near ticket counters. 26.00 1200.00
13 Thermal Energy Demo Kit To rotate a turbine when hot air flows in the upward direction. 6.50 300.00
14 Thermo Couple It produces current when two dissimilar metals are kept at different temperatures. 2.60 120.00
15 Thermo Magnetic Engine A pendulum which oscillates when it is heated due to curie effect. 18.50 850.00
16 Steam Turbine A model of turbine in which energy is produce from steam 12.00 550.00
17 Chemical Energy Demo Kit A wet cell by which chemical energy is converted into electrical energy. 2.75 120.00
18 Voltaic Pile A series of zinc and copper plates which produce electric energy. 6.50 300.00
19 Dry Cell A common process of making dry cell with chemicals 6.50 300.00
20 Energy from Vegetables A model to demonstrate how energy can be produced from vegetables. 2.75 120.00
21 Energy from Sea water To generate electric energy from sea water (salt water) 6.60 300.00
22 Energy from Garbage Electricity from dom. waste like peeled skin of vegetables, left over food etc. 8.75 400.00
23 Energy from Leaves To generate electrical energy from leaves. 4.00 180.00
24 Bio Gas Plant To produce domestic gas from cow dung (Gobar) 32.75 1500.00
25 Energy from Speed Breaker To generate electrical energy from speed breakers. 20.00 900.00
26 Energy from Road Electric energy produced  from roads in utilized for glowing street light. 54.34 2500.00
27 Water energy demo kit A simple model to produce electricity from water. 10.00 450.00
28 Simple water turbine A water energy kit which rotates a turbine when water falls on it. 13.00 600.00
29 Hydro power blacksmith The power generated from rotating turbine is utilized as blacksmith. 12.00 550.00
30 Hydro power blacksmith with irrigation The power is utilized as blacksmith and for irrigation 21.75 1000.00
31 Hydro electric generator To generate electricity power from water turbine 15.00 650.00
32 Hydro Electric Generator with Irrigation. Water is used for power generation and for irrigation 26.08 1200.00
33 Wind Energy Demo Kit A process to produce energy from air or just blowing air from your mouth. 2.00 100.00
34 Wind Mill (Hand Operated) A model of wind energy prod. and its utilization by rotating a fly wheel. 8.75 400.00
35 Wind Mill (Automatic) A model of wind energy prod. and its  utilization driven by a motor. 9.75 450.00
36 Wind Power Rice Mill The power generated from rotating propeller is used for milling of rice. 8.75 400.00
37 Wind Powered Water Pump wind power is utilized to lift water from under ground. 8.75 400.00
38 Wind Powered Wood Cutter The power of wind is utilised for cutting of wood/ logs 10.00 450.00
39 Wind Powered Street Lights The power of wind is utilized for cutting of wood / logs. 14.50 650.00
40 Wind Turbine on Hill with Layout Wind power generated is being used by the residential layout. 39.45 1800.00
41 Solar Energy Demo Kit A kit which produces electrical energy by means of photo voltaic effect. 5.50 250.00
42 Solar Battery Charger It can charge two AA size Ni-Cd battery. Which charges in 7-8 hours of sunlight. 8.75 400.00
43 Solar White LED Cluster White LED with back up of 2-3 hrs after charging for whole sunny day. 8.75 400.00
44 Solar cool cap A Cap with mini fan at the front can be used in the sunny days to get rid of sweat. 9.50 420.00
45 Solar Powered Car A car with a panel on back moves without battery but it requires sunlight. 12.00 550.00
46 Solar Road stud It works on solar to indicate partition on roads at night. 9.50 420.00
47 Solar Powered House A model of house which contains lights and fan which is run by solar power. 17.50 800.00
48 Solar Garden Light A simple model of garden light which is run by solar power. 10 460.00
49 Solar Street Lighting System It explains how solar energy is utilized for street lighting at night. 18.50 850.00
50 Geo Thermal Energy A model to demonstrate production of energy from earth crust. 76.00 3500.00
51 Tidal Energy Production A Model to demonstrate tidal energy from the waves of sea. 91.45 4200.00
For more projects please sent email to sales@splaboratory.org
Note :- All the above Projects are working model and their price is subject to change





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