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S.No Name of the Project



1 Toy Tractor A toy which demonstrates how potential energy is converted into kinetic energy



2 Wave Generator A device to create waves on the surface of the water by the rotation of a motor 2.00 100.00
3 Swinging Candle A normal glowing candle which moves up and down like a see saw 1.50 75.00
4 Simple Hydraulic Brake A simple working model of a hydraulic brake system 2.00 100.00
5 Simple Lactometer It is a simple type of hydrometer by which you can measure the purity of milk 2.00 100.00
6 Simple Anemometer It is a simple device by which you can measure the speed of wind 5.00 225.00
7 Simple Rain Guage It helps us to measure the length of rainfall in any specified area 2.00 90.00
8 Simple Hydrometer It helps us to measure the relative densities of liquids. 2.00 100.00
9 Simple Water Manometer A device to measure the pressure of any gas 5.20 240.00
10 Simple Hygrometer A device used by meteorologists to measure the humidity. 8.60 400.00
11 Wind Power Water Pump It can lift water by force of wind 14.00 625.00
12 Seesaw Water Pump A seesaw which can lift water 16.50 750.00
13 Salt Batter Energy from Sea Water 6.00 280.00
14 Garbage Power Energy from domestic waste 8.60 400.00
15 Solar & Lunar Eclipse Working Model 25.00 1125.00
16 Archimedes Principle Explains and To find the density 11.00 525.00
Note :- All the above Projects are working model and their price is subject to change





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