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Name of the Project



1 Basic Magnetism Kit It consists of few types of magnets, compass, iron, fillings, etc. 2.0 95.00
2 Simple Compass It is a simple magnetic compass which is used to find the direction of earths magnetic field. 1.50 75.00
3 Magnetic Springs It is for the demonstration of attraction and repulsion of magnet 2.00 95.00

Magnetic Field Detector

A magnet sensor which detects the magnet field and makes a beep.

2.00 95.00
5 Simple Electro magnet It is a common method of making a magnet by applying electric current 2.00 95.00
6 Electro Horse Shoe Magnet A simple model of electro magnet but in the shape of horse shoe. 2.00 95.00

Magnetic Dancer

A simple toy which dances at our will by the property of attraction and repulsion. 3.00 150.00
8 Jumping Magnet A magnet which jumps when electricity is supplied to it (based on Lenz law) 37.00 1700.00
9 Floating Magnet A magnet which floats on a surface by means of magnetic levitation. 13.00 600.00
10 solenoid It produces magnetic field when DC voltage is applied to it. 6.50 290.00
11 Shape of Molecules It has few magnetic sticks & balls by the help of which you can create different shapes 3.00 140.00
12 Swinging doll A doll / object which swings to and fro based on the repulsion of magnets 5.00 220.00
13 Magnetic Engine It produces energy when a magnet is heated and cooled. 13.00 600.00
14 Magnetic Motor It is a special type of motor which moves in to and from motion. 13.00 600.00
15 Magnetic Separator It is used to separation the magnetic material from the dust. 26.00 1200.00
16 Magnetic Shock Absorber It is similar to shock absorber which works on repulsion of magnets 26.00 1200.00
17 Simplest Motor It uses a rare earth magnet & copper string which rotates. 4.20 200.00

Note :- All the above Projects are working model and their price is subject to change





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