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Name of the Project



1 Solar Cell Kit It consists of solar cells by the help of which you have to assemble a solar photo voltaic module. 4.00 210.00
2. Solar Dial Clock It is an ancient day clock which finds the time the help of shadow 2.25 120.00
3. Solar Energy Demo Kit The kit includes 1.5 volts Solar Module With a Buzzer, Motor & Fan Blade it is for demonstration of solar energy 5.00 250.00

Solar Battery Charger

It can be useful to charge two AA size Nickel Cadmium batteries and charges in 7-8 hours in sunlight

6.25 325.00
5. Solar Operated Torch It is normal torch but its batteries are charged by means of solar energy. 10.25 520.00
6. Solar White LED Light It is a cluster of white LED light which gives a back u[ of 4-5 hours after charging for the whole sunny day. 8.50 430.00

Solar Good Morning

It consists of a Mantra Chip/UM 66 Musical IC, Which operates in the morning as Alarm when sun rays fall on it. 10.00 500.00
8. Solar Night Lamp It uses an LDR which which switches on the Light during night, during day it switches off and charges the battery automatically. 10.25 520.00
9. Solar Toy Car. A Racing car with a panel on back moves in a circular motion, with out battery but it requires sunlight. 9.00 460.00
10 Solar Cool Cap It consists of a solar panel on the top and mini fan at the front, it can be useful in the sunny days to get rid of sweat. 9.00 450.00
11. Photo Motor It is model of a motor (Coil) which rotates with the help of sun light. 10.00 500.00
12. Solar Mobile Charger it is multipurpose mobile charger which can be used to charge any mobile phones 20.00 1000.00
13. Solar Cycle bell A simple bell which can  be used as a cycle bell and powered by a solar module. 10.00 500.00
14. Solar Water Pump A model of a mini DC type of water pump which is operated by solar module. 26.00 1300.00
15. Solar Emergency Lantern. It uses a normal 3 watt solar panel and CFL of 5/7 W given a back up of 2 hrs. 40.00 2000.00

Note :- All the above Projects are working model and their price is subject to change





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