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Advance Obedient Ball

The Ball Moves from top to bottom only at your command even if a spectator tries to do the same he will not be successful.

INR 26.00

Ball & Vase

A Pedestal has a lid that fits over the ball inside and it can be made to vanish, appear, penetrate through it depending on the performer

INR 35.00

Blooming Blossom

It is a Feather flower with a green stem and the flower can be plucked and put away or vanished but still it grows back

INR 90.00

Chop Card

With the help of these cards the performer can be able to make any small flat objects appear or vanish and reappear in some other place

INR 45.00

Clear Force Bag

A normal polyethylene folder which can force one or two items such as cards, pictures and a spectator

INR 40.00

Coin Bag

The Bag has the capability to produce, vanish or exchange a coin in view of audience through the net as many

INR 60.00

Coin Safe

A Cylinder with a cap screwed on one end and the coins placed inside are completely safe as on one can remove the cap and open the safe.

INR 30.00

Coin Tray

It is a Coaster and two coins are placed on it and when the coins are dropped in the hand the number of coins has been increased.

INR 25.00

Coin Vanishing Vase

A coin is borrowed from a spectator is kept under a handkerchief and the coin is dropped into vase and when hanky is removed the coin has vanished.

INR 45.00

Cups & Balls

Three Cups and three Balls are placed one above the other and we find that when it is closed by another cup the balls has vanished and it appeared under the cup.

INR 40.00

Colour Changing Feather

These Coloured Plumbers of feathers change colours when they are pushed into a rolled up newspaper r any paper

INR 75.00

Colour Vision

It is a small plastic box which has a cube inside it with six different coloured faces the box is closed by an spectator and the performer can tell which colour is on top

INR 45.00

Drawer Box

A small plastic box in which an object when kept in it get vanished and appears only at the command of the performer.

INR 75.00

Floating Matches

A Match Stick is placed on the backside of a playing card and the match stick is allowed to float allowing a card to be slid under it.

INR 25.00

Future Fungus

Three Feather flowers on a single stem the stem is held in the left hand and on stroking the right hand over the stem the flowers exchange colours

INR 130.00

Gambler' Dice

A flat circular plastic box has a die inside it and the performer closes the box and shakes his hand and tells the number which will be on the top.

INR 40.00

Gone Case

A Coin is placed inside a plastic case by which it can vanish a coin, appear a coin and even change the shape, size and value of the coin

INR 45.00

Habit Paper Tear

A Paper strip on which HABIT written on it is torn into pieces according to the patter

INR 20.00

Imp Bottle

A Bottle by which a performer can caused it to lie on its side and stand but volunteers from the audience cannot be able to prove this.

INR 25.00

Magic Pad

A small note pad is flipped through its pages to show that it is blank but when it is flipped again it will be full of designs on it.

INR 45.00

Magic Wand

A 10 Inch wand made of plastic which can be used in closed-up tricks and best suited wand for beginners and young magicians

INR 45.00

Milk Magazine Fake

Pour a glass of milk into a magazine and turn the magazine upside down but nothing spills out but at magicians command the milk pours out from it.

INR 50.00

Number Vision

A jumbo dice is placed inside a plastic box and closed with its lid by a spectator and the performer can tell the number which is on the top

INR 50.00

Nylon Invisible Thread

A Bobbin of fine black nylon thread with many users but strong, yet invisible on the stage can be used for all flying tricks

INR 35.00

Obedient Cube

A wooden cube with a cord running through the cube and a performer can make it stop on its way from top to bottom

INR 75.00

Pass Passe Coin

It is a combination of two glasses on which a coin is placed which jumps from under a cup to another cup and similarly back.

INR 100.00

Professor' s Nightmare

It this the performer holds three different lengths of ropes and measures its length and he converts those three into equal lengths.

INR 40.00

Rainbow chips

Two Chips with black spots on both sides automatically change into different colours on all the four sides of the two chips

INR 85.00

Ring Vanishing Hanky

A ring is placed underneath the hanky and held by the spectator and on a sudden flick of the hanky from the spectator and the ring has gone

INR 80.00

Rope With Four Ends

A Single Rope with two ends becomes two ropes with four ends again it becomes two ends means single rope.

INR 25.00

Shrinking Cigarette

A full Cigarette is placed inside a small metal tube and the cap is put on it and when the cap is removed the cigarette has shrunk to smaller size of a match stick.

INR 75.00

Spring Puzzle

A ring is threaded in a spring which is closed at both ends and handed over to spectator and asked to remove the ring without breaking the spring.

INR. 50.00

Ultra Feather

A Plume of coloured feathers is shown and by passing the plume behind the back of the performer the plume automatically changes colours.

INR. 50.00

Vanishing Match Sticks

A Match box filled with matchsticks are shown to the audience and closed and opened again to the surprise the matchbox is empty.

INR. 50.00

Wonder Box

Any object can be placed inside the box by the performer cannot be opened by any one else except by the performer

INR 65.00

Wonder Glass

A glass full of milk is poured into another glass but still the glass is seen full now the performer asks to suck his thumb the milk in the glass is found to be diminished

INR 110.00

Wonder Pen

The magician show a empty metal tube to the spectator he then pushes a pen in the tube and closes the lid and opens it the pen is found to be vanished.

INR 65.00





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